Are you ready to book your retreat at Inspiration Station Scrapbook Retreat.....we'd Love to have you!

This is our interactive retreat booking system. It allows you to specifically see which rooms are open for any given package date. It is pretty easy to use and will allow you to book a room at 4 in the morning, if by chance, our booking specialist is unavailable.

How to use our calendar:

1. Click on the calendar date that you would like to arrive. (weekend booking packages begin on Friday and weekday booking packages begin on Monday.) It will automatically show the availability for the booking period.

2. You will see all of the rooms listed with either an available or sold out button. So if you need multiple rooms, you can quickly scroll down and see which rooms are still open for that booking period.

3. You can click and book available rooms right here!!

**Remember, if you have a coupon, gift certificate, or discount code, you must call our booking specialist and have her book your stay. She will need to manually enter the discount information prior to the booking. Discount codes and complimentary gift certificates can not be added at a later date. Our Retreat Booking Specialist is always happy to answer any questions you may have if you are unable to find the answers on our rate page or Retreat info page on our website. Please direct all retreat inquiries to our retreat specialist, not the main store. Our specialist has all the answers, creates all the special bookings, and knows all the inside information. She will ensure that "there aren't too many cooks in the kitchen" when making your reservations. We want to ensure that you have a perfect weekend....and organization on our part will ensure that perfect weekend for you.  Call her if you have any questions at 989-834-3044  

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Mon Oct 10 - Thu Oct 13, 2022

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